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Candle Making Supplies

° Candle Accessories
° Candle Additives
° Candle Containers
° Candle Dye
° Candle Fragrance
° Candle Kits
° Candle Molds
° Soy Candle Wax
° Soy Candle Tealights
° Wax Embeds
° Candle Wicks

Bath & Body Care Products

° Soy Lotion Base
° Soy Body Butter Base
° Soy M&P Soap Base
° SoyShower Gel Base
° Bath Salts
° Containers
° Fragrance
° Soy Lotion Kits

Wedding Sand Ceremony

° Wedding Sand Vases
° Sand Ceremony Vows
° Wedding Sand

Body Massage Candle

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Candle Making Supplies - Main Category Page

Candle Additives
Candle Accessories - wick tabs, stickers and bars, warning labels, pour pot...
Candle Dye
Candle Containers
Candle Packaging
Candle Kits
Candle Molds

Details - Metal Tins
Details - Premium Liquid Candle Dye
Details - Classic Liquid Dye
Warning Labels - Text

Candle Projects & Instructions

Soy Votives
Soy Container Candles
Fruit Pie Candles
Embed & Gel Container Candles
Ice Tea/Fruit Punch Candle
Brownie Sundae Candle
Banana Split Candle

Working with Soy Wax - temperature, fragrance, dye...
About Gel Candles - bubbles, fragrance use, safety...
Gel Safety
Wick Stop Safety for Gel, Sand, and decorative candles.
All About Wicks
Wick Slab Test

Candle Wax Embeds - Category Page

Fruit & Veggie Embeds
Nuts & Topping Embeds
Pie Crust Embeds

Wax & Gel - Category Page

Soy Candle Wax
Scented Soy Drops™

Wicks- Category Page

Pre-Tabbed Page #1
Pre-Tabbed Page #2

Fragrance Oils - Category Page

Fragrances A-D
Fragrances E-I
Fragrances J-P
Fragrances R-Y

Bath & Body Supplies - Main Category Page

Soy Lotion and Cream Bases
Soy Bath Gel and Soap Bases
Packaging - bottles, caps, jars...
Bath & Body Kits

Ingredients - Soy Milk Bath Gel
Ingredients - Soy Glycerin Soap
Ingredients - Soy Hand & Body Lotion
Ingredients - Soy Body Butter
Ingredients - Sprayable Soy Lotion

Bath and Body Projects & Instructions

Lotion Bases
Cream/Butter Bases
Melt & Pour Soap
Bath Gel

Colored Sand

Wedding Sand Ceremony

Wedding Sand Ceremony Vase Sets

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